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At MHANYS, we believe that mental health is an essential part of public
health. Basic concept; yet there are so many places where this is not
happening. One of those is in schools where there are lessons and health
curriculums that do not even reference mental health in their teachings.

This is despite the fact that for fifty percent of the population, signs
and symptoms of mental illness begin at age 14 (even younger for anxiety
disorders) and that suicide completion is the second leading cause of death
for ages 10-24. If there were other public health issues that had such huge
impact at such a young age, billions of dollars would be spent to rectify
that inequality, not to mention how schools would modify curriculums to
reflect that change. Yet because of stigma and discrimination, there is
virtually nothing for mental health. This is outrageous.

This is why we need your help. This list serve has reach to over five
thousand people, many of who are outspoken mental health advocates.

Please help us get the mental health education bill passed by clicking this
link and fill out the form (I promise it takes less than a minute to fill
out) so you will be on our list of contacts for advocacy action. Please
share with family and friends and anyone you think would want to change
this inequality

The momentum is growing for the mental health education bill—S.6046
(Marcellino) and A.3887 A (Nolan). In the last few days, Senators Addabo,
Carlucci and Hamilton have all signed on as co-sponsors and Assemblyman
Thiel has signed on as a multi-sponsor for the bill.

Please sign on today and show your support

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