Youth / School Groups

Join us for Mental Health Matters Day

School groups are encouraged to join us for Mental Health Matters Days. The activities are a great opportunity for school clubs, government classes, PTA groups, and other education stakeholders. 

Please email or call (518) 434-0439 if you are a school group interested in attending.

Want to learn more?

Visit our Legislative Action Community for a series of videos

  • Public Policy:  What is it?
  • Advocacy Part I:  the Importance of Your Voice
  • Advocacy Part II:  How to be an Advocate

The videos can be viewed alone or as a part of our lesson plans below. Build confidence among students as they prepare to participate in grassroots advocacy and put education into action. Use the Let’s Build Your Advocacy Backpack fillable handout to keep notes!

Use our lesson plans to educate your students

Our lesson plans introduce students to key terms, the various levels of government and explore the importance of public policy to address societal concerns through a relevant case study. Lessons can be used in Government classes or to prepare students to participate in Mental Health Matters Days.

School Mental Health Resource and Training Center

To learn more about the impact of the MHANYS School Mental Health Resource and Training Center visit

We look forward to advocating with you on MHANYS Mental Health Matters Advocacy Days.

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