Getting Help

Let’s say you recognize that things are just not right for you or someone you know. Things have changed. What do you do to get help?

First, determine if it is a crisis situation. If yes, click here or the ‘Get Help Now’ button to the right.

If it is not a crisis, it is still important that you address the noticeable changes. The sooner a mental health challenge is given the attention it deserves, the sooner the individual can begin to recover.

Second, you need to know what type of mental health services are available to you or the person you are helping.

Here are places where you can contact to help you find appropriate care:

  • Local Mental Health Association or Mental Health America office
  • Your workplace employee assistance program
  • Community mental health clinics
  • Community primary care clinics often offer counseling on a sliding scale
  • Universities with a teaching hospital often have a mental health clinic offering service on a sliding scale
  • Your health insurance provider if you have one.

If you need more information or guidance regarding mental health, advocacy or legal services?

Contact MHANYS

Call MHANYS’ Mental Health Information Center during regular business hours (Mon-Fri., 9-5), our staff operates the MHIC Information and Referral Line. We link callers to a broad range of local, statewide, and national mental health organizations and programs, and answer questions on mental health and justice related topics. Call us at (800) 766-6177 [outside NYS: Call (518) 434-0439]  or email us at

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