All of us are important links in our communities in helping those around us achieve well-being. We take care of our loved ones, we help neighbors in need, we encourage friends who are going through a hard time – we want to be supportive.

However, when mental health and/or substance use challenges arise many individuals and families feel alone. In fact, it takes an average 9 years after the first symptoms of a behavioral health challenge appears before an individual gets the professional help. A major reason for this is stigma and misinformation.

MHANYS works on a variety of levels to provide mental health education and increase mental health literacy throughout New York State. MHANYS believes that with accurate information individuals, families, and support networks can have conversations about their situation that moves all involved towards recovery.

There are many aspects to recovery. What is it? How is it achieved? How do I help? MHANYS provides this information on the pages of this website. It is a place to start. We hope you will take time to explore and contact us if you need more information.


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