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MH Update – 6/19/17 – Mental Health Anti-Stigma License Plate Bill Passes in Both Houses of the Legislature: Now on to Governor Cuomo

Mental Health Anti-Stigma License Plate Bill Passes in Legislature

Thank you to all of you who supported the Mental Health Anti-Stigma
License Plate Bill. Your grass roots efforts have been heard.

Late last week, The NYS Assembly passed the Mental Health License Plate
Public Awareness Bill joining the NYS Senate that passed the bill the
previous week. Now that […]

MH Update – 6/15/17 – Two Calls TODAY to Pass #HALTsolitary in Assembly

Two Calls TODAY to Pass #HALTsolitary in Assembly


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Time is running out . . .Call Assemblymember Weprin & Speaker Heastie TODAY

The Assembly Needs to Hear from YOU!
The legislative session ends next week.
#HALTsolitary can move forward if we act NOW.

Call Assemblymember Weprin (Correction Committee Chair) at 518-455-5806 […]

MH Update – 6/14/17 – Call Today in Support of Additional Reporting Requirements to Insure Compliance with Mental Health/Substance Abuse Parity in NYS

With a little more than one week left of legislative session, one of the
important bills that MHANYS and our other colleagues in the mental health
community are supporting is legislation that would require health plans to
disclose information and data necessary to insure compliance with mental
health and substance abuse parity.

Information is listed below. […]

MH Update – 6/9/17 – Please Take Two Minutes and Call to Support a Bill that would Require Teachers Colleges to include Course of Instruction in Mental Health

As we are down to our last seven days of legislative session, we need your
support for legislation that would make it a requirement for all teachers
colleges to provide a course of instruction in mental health.

Undoubtedly many do offer such a course but there are several that do not.
With the passage of the mental health education […]

MH Update – 6/8/17 – State Senate Passes Mental Illness Public Awareness License Plate Bill

Today, the State Senate passed the Mental Illness Public Awareness License
Plate Bill which will help in the campaign to end the stigma of mental
illness. There have been several discreet license plates for Breast Cancer
Awareness, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Organ Donations and other worthy causes.
This would be the first one directed specifically to public awareness for
mental illness. The […]

MH Update – 6/8/17 – Code of Conduct Recognition Award Announcement from the Justice Center

Please help us spread the word about the call for nominations for the 2nd
Annual Justice Center Code of Conduct awards to recognize staff who have
shown, dedication, respect and protected the people they serve from harm.
We have posted the call for nominations on our website and we need your
help to spread the word*. * Information about […]

MH Update – 6/7/17 – Mental Health Stigma in the Asian-American Community


As we know stigma impacts everything we do in the mental health community.
We applaud Congresswoman Judy Chu of California for introducing legislation
that would increase mental health awareness in the Asian-American
community. Article from Huffington Post is listed below.

Rep. Judy Chu Introduces Bill To Break Mental Health Stigma Among

Kimberly Yam
HuffPost June […]

MH Update – 6/6/17 – Please Sign On to Support HALT (Humane Alternatives to Long Term Solitary Confinement) Legislation

Last week we sent out an update urging organizations to sign up in support
of the HALT legislation that will end solitary confinement for individuals
with mental health diagnosis and other disabilities. Many of you have
signed on which is significant. We need more sign to enhance the bandwidth
of the campaign. Today, the HALT […]

MH Update – 6/1/17 – Need Organizations to Sign On to Support HALT (Humane Alternatives to Long Term Solitary Confinement) Legislation

The Campaign for Alternatives to Solitary Confinement (CAIC)
has led the charge to diminish the significance of
Solitary Confinement practices in New York State, pushing for the HALT
Solitary Confinement Act, A. 3080 / S. 4784
For those unfamiliar with the legislation, HALT stands for Humane
Alternatives to Long Term Solitary Confinement. In mental health, NYAPRS
has taken a real leadership […]

MH Update – 6/1/17 – Daily Gazette Article Highlighting the Importance of Shedding Light on the Stigma of Mental Illness

Stigma, Stigma, Stigma

I know I am repeating myself but stigma continues to be our number one
enemy. We need more articles like the excellent piece by Sara Foss in the
Schenectady Daily Gazette, highlighting incredible individual resiliency as
well as a recognition of community providers in helping to support strong
individual outcomes. In this case, […]