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MH Update – 12/14/17 – LI Advance: Students take a stand for mental health

A wonderful story from the Long Island Advance about students in Bellport
High School taking a stand in support of mental health awareness. In the
last few weeks, we have shared articles statewide ranging geographically
from Western New York to Long Island about youth speaking out in support of
mental health public awareness and education. This is one of […]

MH Update – 12/12/17 – Follow Up Media from Assembly Housing Hearing

Listed below is an article from yesterday’s Assembly Housing hearing.
Everyone from the Mental Health Community spoke with a strong voice in
support of the Bring It Home campaign. For too many years, housing
providers and the residents of the homes (and their loved ones) have been
impacted by minimal housing increases. We have to raise our voices across
the […]

MH Update – 12/11/17 – MHANYS Testimony for the Assembly Hearing on Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Housing

We thank Assembly Mental Hygiene Chair Aileen Gunther for holding a
hearing today on community housing in mental health and developmental
disabilities. Both Assemblymember Gunther and Assemblyman Angelo
Santabarbara spoke very positively of the needs of housing providers in
mental health and the importance of workforce enhancements for staff.
Several advocacy groups in mental health including MHANYS, NAMI, ACL, The
Coalition […]

MH Update – 12/11/17 – Article about MHANYS Board Member Karl Shallowhorn

A wonderful article and interview from the Buffalo New about MHANYS Board
Member Karl Shallowhorn. The article reflects what all of us know— that
he is a caring, intelligent and dedicated advocate for those with
behavioral health needs and their loved ones.