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MH Update – 4/17/17 – OMH Announces Availability of New Anti-Stigma Grants

Listed below is an announcement from OMH regarding funding of projects to
reduce stigma based on the Mental Health Income Tax Check Off

At MHANYS, we hope that this is the first of what will be many successful
campaigns to raise awareness and funding to diminish the stigma of mental
illness. We are continuing our anti-stigma efforts this year […]

MH Update – 4/17/17 – MHANYS Mix and Mingle Reception on May 2nd at Cornerstone at the Plaza in Albany

In celebration of May as Mental Health Month, we would love if you can
come support our annual MHANYS Mix and Mingle reception. This year, we are
holding it in the Cornerstone at the Plaza in Albany. Several legislators
will be participating this year and many of our friends and colleagues in
the community will be there as well.

We […]

MH Update – 4/11/17 – Upcoming Event from the New York State School Board Association on May 18th regarding the Mental Health Crisis Among Students

One of the positive outcomes of MHANYS recent Education in Schools summit
is working with our colleagues in the education arena including the New
York State School Board Association (NYSSBA).

We thank our colleagues at NYSSBA for the opportunity to participate with
them on their upcoming program on May 20th with the title of, “Your Role
in Addressing the Growing […]

MH Update – 4/10/17 – Mental Health Association in New York State Press Release Regarding the 2017-18 Budget


MH Update – 4/8/17 – MHANYS Mental Health Budget Update

Despite a several day delay (some of us remember the days when the State
Budget was not passed till July) in the completion of the budget, this was
a very productive budget for MHANYS as several of our priority areas were
addressed starting with workforce. In an earlier update, we highlighted the
significance of the funding for the entire […]

MH Update – 4/7/17 – Some Mental Health Budget Updates

With the budget negotiations not yet concluded (though it sounds like they
are getting close), we have put aside our budget analysis till official
passage. However, the extender budget is in place till the budget is passed
and there is updated information regarding mental health. The good news is
that the workforce funding is included in the Governor’s extender […]

MH Update – 4/4/17 – OMH releases its Statewide Comprehensive Five-Year Plan for 2016-2020

OMH has released its Statewide Comprehensive Five-Year Plan for 2016-2020.
Also known as the “5.07 Plan” (after section 5.07 of NYS mental hygiene law), the
2016-2020 Comprehensive Plan includes a review of consumers, services and
programs, and gross expenditures within the New York State public mental
health system. The 5.07 Plan also reviews several top priorities for OMH
policy and planning […]

MH Update – 4/4/17 – Mental Health Weekly Article about MHANYS Education Summit

Last week’s Mental Health Weekly featured an article about MHANYS recent
Mental Health and Education Summit. We are very pleased to see the State
Education Department’s strong commitment to implementation of this
significant legislation. For more information about this legislation and
to be on our list serve regarding this issue, please contact John Richter
at […]

MH Update – 4/3/17 – Less Than Two Weeks till Income Tax Deadline: Don’t forget to support the Mental Illness Anti Stigma Fund as a Charitable Contribution in Your New York State Income Tax Form

With less than two weeks left till the April 15th deadline for filing
income tax, don’t forget to include the Mental Illness Anti Stigma Fund as
part of your charitable contribution this year. Last year, over a thousand
New Yorkers contributed to the fund. Let’s dramatically increase that
number this year. It is time to end the stigma of […]

MH Update – 3/31/17 – ‘MHANYS Mix & Mingle’- Advertise WIth Us and Help Stop the Stigma of Mental Illness

Yesterday, we sent out information about our upcoming Mix and Mingle May
Reception on May 2nd.

The funds from the reception will be used to continue to fight the stigma
of mental illness. The work of advocating for the end of the stigma is
important to all of us. A recent study from the World Health Organization
stated that the […]