Glenn Liebman, CEO
Melissa Ramirez, Deputy Director
Andrea Hauser, Chief Financial Officer

Administrative Staff

Marylou Hedge, Program Tech Assistant 
Josh Malatino-Brown, Executive Assistant / Bookkeeper
Lakea White, Office Assistant


Bruce Thompson, IT Consultant
Grace Ashline, Consultant
Amy Molloy, Consultant



Erin Petrosino, Marist College – Summer 2022
Ayana Roman, Marist College – Summer 2022
Hannah Thompson, Vassar College – Summer 2022

Program Staff

Brandon Beachamp, Director of School Mental Health Resource & Training Center (SMHRT)
Whitney Closson, Family Education Specialist
Tamesha Coleman-Edwards, MHCP Program Specialist
Matthew Delaney, MHFA Program Coordinator
Kathy Eckert, Regional Representative
Deborah Faust, Director of Family Engagement & Support 
Susan Fisher, School & Community Liaison
Stephanie Foard, SMHRT Program Manager
Michelle Garcia, MHCP Assistant Director
Graham Healey, Community Program Manager
Cohen Miles-Rath, Production Manager
Joelle Monaco, Director of Outreach & Business Engagement
John Richter, Director of Public Policy
Megan Spagnola, MHCP Program Specialist 
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