Volunteer & Internship Program

In our mission to end the stigma surrounding mental illness and promote mental health wellness across the state, MHANYS has many programs – in mental health policy, education, community engagement, etc. – through which volunteers can make an impact. Our volunteer team includes students, professionals, and regular members of the community of diverse backgrounds who work to ensure mental health wellness in our local communities. Volunteer opportunities are built around the talents of the individual volunteer, and also aims to instill new insight and skills relevant in the world of mental health.

Current students are eligible to apply for internship positions. Our internship program provides opportunities for students to apply lessons learned from class in practice, and receive mentorship from MHANYS staff, who are trained professionals who work in the framework of their various areas of expertise. Interns are supervised by staff who will help provide expertise in their subject area and support opportunities for growth.

On a case by case basis, students may be approved to receive college credit for their internship hours through their respective school’s credit-bearing programs. Internship positions are open to students at undergraduate or graduate levels, and from any academic discipline. All internships are on a volunteer basis.

To apply for a MHANYS Volunteer or Internship position, please fill out our application form.

Our internship/volunteer program will start up again in 2022. Please check back.

Job Opportunities at MHANYS

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