LegUp Worksplace Solutions
Through our LegUp Workplace Solutions, MHANYS supports the efforts of organizations (and those of managers and frontline supervisors) to not only retain staff – with and without disabilities – but to keep them fully on-board, engaged, feeling good about working and motivated to produce, take initiative and provide quality services.

Visit legupworkplacesolutions.com for more information.

Project Aware – Community Grant for the Capital Region
This project will train 750 adults in the Albany, New York Capitol Region over a three year period in Mental Health First Aid in order that they may provide support and referral to transition-aged youth (16 – 24) on issues related to mental health and substance use. The goal of the project is to significantly increase the awareness, care, and support that transition-aged youth receive for behavioral health issues in the four counties of the Albany, New York Capitol Region catchment area.

Contact MHANYS at info@mhanys.org for more information.

Transition-Age Youth
MHANYS Transition Age Youth website aims to be a resource for Transition Age Youth (TAY), and their families, friends, schools and community providers, as they transition into adulthood. The resources are intended to support community living, educational goals, and foster independence and improve overall wellness of TAY.

Visit Transition-Age Youth for more information.

Suicide Prevention Initiatives
SPlogoMHANYS works closely with the NYS Office of Mental Health’s Suicide Prevention Office and the Suicide Prevention Center of New York to make operational yearly statewide suicide prevention initiatives that reach clinicians, communities, and other stakeholders.

Contact MHANYS at info@mhanys.org for more information.